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Large Love for the Large Bally Sommet

I happen to like the fact that the Sommet is an under the radar bag, but over the top luxurious.Bally Sommet LARGE HAVANA OSTRICH TOTE BAG (3).png

When the Sommet first came out, the Sommet was yet another trying-hard-to-be-a-Birkin bag, alongside the Sac De Jour. Back then, bags got slack for trying the same silhouette. But perhaps over time, they’ve eased into our hearts what with the difficulties and luxury gymnastics you actually have to show for to bag an actual Birkin. The Sommet is one of my favorite alternatives to the Birkin, but don’t make a mistake: the Sommet is a beautiful bag in itself.bally-sommet-large-havana-ostrich-tote-bag-4

The Sommet comes with a flap that you can tuck inside the bag, or hang over the front. The side wings can be pushed out, or tucked in and belted if you need the extra security. Suffice to say, there are many ways to carry the bag, in however way you like.


The bag is lined with leather, and sometimes just like in the Ostrich leather version, you have a bright colored interior to surprise you.


If in case you’ve gotten tired of the many iconic handbags in the market, maybe take a trip down a Bally store and bag one like this to take home.