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The Saint Laurent Sunset Chain Wallet Bag makes any woman go OMG.

The bigger version of the Sunset Bag has been introduced some time ago and we love the design.

But we think you will like the Chain Wallet even more because its like a Wallet On Chain mixed with the DNA of the Handle Bag.

The Design

Imagine a medium-sized wallet. Then add a handle and chain to it. Have you ever seen something like this before?

The Sunset Chain Wallet features a front flap. The bag is available in single colors because the idea is to craft a timeless accessory.

The removable chain strap is made in bronze hardware, like a jewel-like necklace. If you dont want carry on the shoulder, you can use the leather handle for hand carry.

Just imagine, this bag is all-you-need. With chain, its an small shoulder bag. Without chain, its an handle bag or an evening clutch.

And also the interlaced YSL initials are embellished on the front as the final piece.

This bag is made from calfskin. Now lets see how we can organize our essentials in the interior.

The Interior

Just like a wallet, the inside is built with multiple pockets like 8 card slots, 1 bill compartment, 1 central pocket, 1 zipped coin pocket, 1 front pocket and 1 rear pocket.

Organize your daily and evening essentials inside.

The Prices and Sizes

Measuring 19 x 14 x 5.5 cm, priced at $1950 USD, €1520 EUR, £1320 GBP via Saint Laurent boutiques.

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Louis Vuitton Alma Souple Bag

Our forever love – the Alma Bag has been reintroduced in a new exciting shape. It’s bigger, curvier and it comes with a larger handle. It’s called the Louis Vuitton Alma Souple Bag.

When comparing to the original Alma Bag sizes, the Souple version comes really close to the Alma MM Bag. The Alma MM Bag is measured 14’ x 11’ x 6.7’ inches while the Alma Souple Bag is measured 13.7’ x 10.8’ x 5.9’ (L x H x W) inches.

More over, it features the latest ‘Transformed Monogram Canvas’, which is basically the same style as the brownish Monogram Canvas yet slightly different in texture. It feels more vintages.

Definitely, the shape is the biggest distinction. The Souple Alma Bag has more curves and comes with an oversized Toron handles. Other details are the chic padlock and the nametag.

For the Cruise 2019 Collection, this handbag is adorned with the relief-printed Catogram, which is a limited edition crafted by Grace Coddington. In the future, we might also see new options like the Souple Alma Bag with only Monogram Canvas or other styles like Epi Leather.

Louis Vuitton Alma Souple Bag

The bag opens via the double zipped closure. The interior has an extra-large capacity. Inside there is 1 huge compartment and a patch pocket to store your essentials.

Measuring 13.7’ x 10.8’ x 5.9’ (L x H x W) inches, priced at $2600 USD, $3400 CAD, €1980 EUR, £1860 GBP, $21600 HKD, $3650 AUD, ¥311040 JPY, 19300 CNY Louis Vuitton boutiques.

Louis Vuitton Alma Souple Bag

Louis Vuitton Alma Souple Bag

Louis Vuitton Alma Souple Bag

Louis Vuitton Alma Souple Bag

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Are you looking for a travel bag? What’s better than shop at Louis Vuitton, one of the oldest and most famous luggage bag makers?

The Louis Vuitton iCare Bag is specially crafted to help you travel with ease. The secret is in the interior, which is packed with useful compartment for organizing. If you travel a lot, then this handbag is ideal use.

The Design

The iCare is named as the ‘ultra-functional’ bag of Louis Vuitton. It’s made for business travellers with style. And that’s why the exterior is built in Monogram Canvas, for instant brand-recognition. But there are other colors available. The iCare Bag is a unisex bag.

Boasted with a nametag, the iCare Bag is very elegant and timeless. The top features leather handles for handcarry. The zip closure is secured with padlock. And while the exterior is amazing, the interior is where we should focus our attention.

And oh yes, there is an external pocket with magnetic closure for instant access to your essentials. This external pocket is made with double flat pockets.

For those that like to carry on the shoulder, it also comes with an removable horizon strap.

The Interior

So what’s inside the interior?

Take a good look. The interior is made with 2 large compartments including 1 padded compartment, 1 zipped pocket, 1 flat pocket.

The Sizes And Prices

Measuring 14.8’ x 10.5’ x 3.9’ inches, priced at $2590 USD, $3050 CAD, €1790 EUR, £1670 GBP, $20300 HKD, $3300 AUD via Louis Vuitton boutiques.

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You’re about to get a special treat because Louis Vuitton has just released a new handbag and it’s called the Wight Bag. This bag is from the Fall 2017 Collection and it’s a mix of classic with a modern touch. It’s certainly eye-catching and everyone will obvious know that it’s a Louis Vuiton creation, but there is a little twist.

The Wight Bag is made with round curvy shape and we love that. It’s feminine but bold and elegant. It’s perfect for casual days like when you’re having a cup of coffee with friends or you can also wear it for special occasions. Such a multiple use handbag is well worth your investment.

Covered with the iconic Damier Ebene Canvas, but the center is designed with a generous stripe of bright color for the easy elegance. The stripe is made from Cuir Taurillon leather and it looks luxurious especially with the signature button lock in golden hardware.

This bag comes with thin golden sliding chain for shoulder carry or cross body. Then it’s refined with signed eyelets, which embolden the casual chic look.

The interior is nice as well, when you open the flap, you will find 1 interior zipped pocket and 1 double smartphone pocket.

Choosing the right color is important; my personal preference is bright color like magnolia instead of black. Because it adds a personality to it and feels more attractive.

Measuring 9.3’ x 7.1’ x 3.3’ (L x H x W) inches, priced at $2260 USD, €1640 euro, £1530 GBP, $2920 AUD, $2790 CAD, $18700 HKD, ¥266760 JPY, ¥17300 CNY via Louis Vuitton boutiques.


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Louis Vuitton: #LVxSupreme Collection To Launch

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Sadly, folks, that isn’t a typo. While some parts of the world (specifically Beijing, London, Los Angeles, Miami, Paris, Seoul, Sydney and Tokyo) will be shopping at their #LVxSupreme pop-ups tomorrow (30 June 2017), we in Singapore will just have to wait a little more. And word on the street has it that our turn will come on 14 July 2017, with the collection expected to be launched exclusively at Louis Vuitton’s ION Orchard boutique.


Also, to respect Supreme’s traditional modus operandi where it is first-come, first-served, everyone will have to queue come launch day (yes, even LV VIPs), so it will really be a case of how early you’ll be heading down to join the line. There will also be shopping limitations placed on each customer to prevent reselling, so even if you are further down the line you can be assured that you’ll still be able to get something.

So now that you know the when and the where, tell me, what are your must-haves from this once-in-a-lifetime collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Supreme?

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Supreme x Louis Vuitton Capsule Collection

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One of the most anticipated collaborations this year is finally out with all of the pieces. The haute couture fashion house Louis Vuitton and the exclusive streetwear brand Supreme teamed up for a limited capsule collection. The collaboration was first revealed in January during the Paris men’s Fashion Week.

supreme x louis vuitton collaboration lookbook

Louis Vuitton and Supreme opened eight pop-up shops around the globe and two of them are in downtown Los Angeles and Miami. The other six pop-up shops are in Seoul, Beijing, Sydney, Paris, Tokyo, and London.

supreme x louis vuitton collaboration denim jacket with supreme and louis vuitton white logo

supreme x louis vuitton collaboration short sleeve denim shirt with louis vuitton and supreme logo

As for the collection, the French fashion giant Louis Vuitton and the New-York based label Supreme exceeded everyone’s expectations. For those who prefer the street style in haute couture version the collection is dreams come true. Both brands’ logos and signature colors are all over the designs. The well-known Louis Vuitton monogram is printed over the signature vibrant Supreme red color in a lot of the designs. The eye-catching red jacket with white LV monogram all over it is expected to be a major hit.

supreme x louis vuitton collaboration 1 red jacket with LV monogran

supreme x louis vuitton collaboration red hoodie with lv monogram

supreme x louis vuitton collaboration 6 short sleevet red shirt with lv monogram

The collection offers a wide range of clothing, footwear, and accessories. From outwear and shirts to overalls, Louis Vuitton and Supreme made sure that their loyal fans can dress from head to toe in pieces from their collection.

supreme x louis vuitton collaboration 10 denim logo pants and denim camo pants

supreme x louis vuitton collaboration overalls

The camo print is definitely making its huge comeback. We had a chance to see it on the runway as well as in Kylie Jenner’s all-camo bikini collection. Furthermore, Louis Vuitton and Supreme celebrated the camo print through multiple pieces such as denim jackets, coats, overalls, bags, and accessories.

supreme x louis vuitton collaboration camo denim jacket

supreme x louis vuitton collaboration 4 camo coat

supreme x louis vuitton collaboration camo cap

Speaking of accessories the collection offers a variety of small goods that can spice up even the simplest outfits. Most of the accessories come in two eye-catching patterns. Namely, the interesting patterns are a mix of the brands’ logos and signature colors. The first one includes the supreme logo over the popular Louis Vuitton dark brown color. The second pattern includes the white LV monogram next to the Supreme’s well-known white logo, both placed on a red base. The accessories collection includes a variety of scarves, phone cases, leather gloves, key holders and eyewear.

supreme x louis vuitton collaboration 26 patterned scarves

supreme x louis vuitton collaboration patterned belts

supreme x louis vuitton collaboration patterned gloves

The collection also offers footwear. There are patterned and plain sneakers as well as the hottest shoes of the season-the slides.

supreme x louis vuitton collaboration LV logo black shoes

supreme x louis vuitton collaboration white and red logo sneakers

supreme x louis vuitton collaboration red slides

Louis Vuitton and Supreme designed multiple bags and wallets in all sizes. The bags were one of the first pieces from the collaboration that were presented to the public. Back in January models at the Louis Vuitton men’s fashion show wore the vibrant Supreme red bags on the runway.

supreme x louis vuitton collaboration red travel bag

supreme x louis vuitton collaboration camo travel bag

supreme x louis vuitton collaboration red patterned red box case

Considering the fact that the many celebrities love Supreme, it’s only a matter of time when the biggest A-listers will show up with some of the Supreme bags. Celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, Drake, Rihanna and Lady Gaga wear both brands on regular basis. Just for the records, Rihanna and Lady Gaga have appeared in the Supreme’s ad campaigns in the past.

supreme x louis vuitton collaboration red and black supreme backpack

supreme x louis vuitton collaboration red and black shoulder bag

supreme x louis vuitton collaboration red supreme wallet

Supreme is known for keeping their new drops under wraps. On the top of that, they release only limited quantities of their products. This results in mile-long lines in front of their stores when the new drops became available for purchase.

supreme x louis vuitton collaboration red supreme logo sweater

supreme x louis vuitton collaboration red patterned LV monogram sweater

This collection is not an exclusion. Just today more than 200 extreme fans of the brand were spotted in the area of Bondi patiently waiting for the pop-up store’s doors to open. Some people even camped out nearby just to be the first ones that will buy the new Louis Vuitton and Supreme pieces. People even buy pieces from this exclusive collection just to resell them.

supreme x louis vuitton collaboration camo coat and white tee

supreme x louis vuitton collaboration patterned satin sleepwear

The T-shirts that retail for $700 in the pop-up stores cost at least $1400 outside. The red and white hoodie with the LV monogram all over that retailed for $1400 in the store, could easily be sold for $2800 outside. Just for the records, Supreme opened its doors in 1994 offering simple clothes and accessories predominantly for skateboarders for reasonable prices.

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