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You know, Chanel is full of surprises and we mean in a good way. You never know what’s available until you step your feet in one of their boutique.

One of these bags is the Chanel Quilted Flap Bag with Silver plate above. A gorgeous handbag in black and silver chain… the shiny leather and the new silver squared plate embellished in the center. This is a unique bag because it’s never seen before.

The only question we should ask is: ‘Is this a normal CC flap bag or a boy bag?’.

The owner of this bag is JobiHsu, her best friend bought it in Europe. But because it’s a seasonal bag, there is not much information about it.

And the price? €2750 euro

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About a week ago, we made a post about the Chanel Easy Flap Bag in Lambskin. One of our members spotted this bag in Paris and bought it for a great price. We were stunned because we thought the Easy Flap Bags were no longer in stock.

READ: Shopping with Kimberly: I found the Chanel Easy Lambskin Flap Bag

But then we received another surprising story, there is a new Chanel Easy Flap Bag released in the store and it’s not made from Caviar, but from Calfskin.

A very short summary about ‘why we love the Easy Flap Bag’ so much. Because this bag looks quite similar to the Classic Flap Bag and its much cheaper but the design is still timeless and stunning.

We got this news from Joana and she bought this bag in Athens, Greece: ‘This is not caviar, but aged calfskin. It is the easy flap Bag in aged calfskin with ruthenium hardware! I bought this bag in the medium size, in Athens, Greece only a month ago. It costs 2770 euros’.

When we heard this news we were like: ‘Are you sure it’s the easy flap bag?’

‘I am pretty sure it is. It has all the characteristics of the easy flap and I know there wasn’t only the caviar version. The price is also about the same. The first easy flap that was ever made had a slightly different look and it was made with perforated lambskin (if I am not mistaken). I believe that after the easy caviar, the easy flap design settled as it is now! And I bet we will see more leather/hardware combinations in the future.’

So tell us more about your experience. Do you love it?

‘I have to tell you that it is MOST useful and handy for a flap bag, for many reasons but mostly due to the zipper! And the medium size is divine. It has a longer chain strap so you can wear it cross body. You probably know that the chain strap of the medium classic flap is not long enough for cross body (unless you are petite). So if you want a classic flap but need to carry it cross body then you must go Jumbo size, which is big and heavy (not to mention much more expensive)! So the medium easy flap is perfect (at least for me)! I am very happy with my purchase!’

Thank you so much for sharing Joan. And oh my… anyone shopping spree? Anyone?

And oh yes, so the medium size is priced at 2770 euro with VAT right now. And one more thing, another member by its name Ps has bought one in bigger size:



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To satisfy your exotic cravings, luxury houses are going all-out with the unpredictable route…and so is Chanel, apparently. We’re giving you a taste of Boy Chanel Quilted Flap Bags with Oil Slick Clasp, a different take on a perennial favorite. Is it a yay or a nay? We’ll leave that for you to decide.

Chanel is not the type to scrimp on the aesthetics, leaving your favorite Flap with a major overhaul. These bags have a subtle metallic sheen on their quilted surface, which plays with light and shines beautifully. Note the iconic ‘Boy’ clasp and chains on these bags too – they have an ‘oil-spill’ finish, which provides a refreshing (or outrageous, depending on preferences) design element. It’s something new, alright. Well-played, Chanel.

For now, we don’t have any juicy deets about these bags (sorry, girls!), but we’ll provide them in due time. Just keep tabs on our website because we’ll feature news about this piece (and other beautiful bags) very soon!






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Update: Chanel Official Statement on Refurbishing and Repairs

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Chanel Blue Flap Bags

After our post Monday on Chanel’s new refurbishment and refinishing policy for its bags, readers had a lot of comments, concerns and questions. Chanel reached out to us to provide an official statement from a company spokesperson, as well as to clarify what the new policy means for customers. You can read the statement in full below.


Chanel is absolutely still repairing bags over 5 years old.

Repairs are still performed by our Fashion After Sales department, regardless of the bag’s age.

The change to our policy is on two paid services only.

  • Refinishing: The process of re-applying pigment to the exterior of a handbag or small leather good.
  • Refurbishing: A complete overhaul service including refinishing, hardware changes, stitching and/or piping servicing.

These 2 services are still offered with the following updated policy:

  • Must be verified as purchased from an authorized CHANEL Retailer location, either a CHANEL Boutique or authorized Multi-Brand Retailer
  • Must be five years of age or under from date of purchase

Like all brands, our service offering is evolving to remain consistent with our customers’ expectations and needs as this service was rarely used by our clients.

This policy does not impact any other repair services currently offered for which there is no change.

I wanted to further understand what constitutes a repair service, and was told it means issues arising from natural wear and tear. This includes broken chains, clasps and other hardware problems. You do not need a receipt or proof of purchase for repairs, but you will incur charge. However, this excludes any repair services covered under a bag’s warranty, which are complementary. This is the service most people have used over the years at Chanel, and fear not, it’s still available.

I personally had an issue with screws coming loose on my Chanel Reissue Flap Bag, and when I took it into the store, they were able to fix it on the spot for me while I perused other items. I even shared how wonderful the customer service was that I received at the time (which was a year ago).

For those who did use the refurbishment service from Chanel, you will only be impacted if you are looking to have a bag refurbished that is over 5 years old. If you don’t have your original receipt, the brand can look you up if you purchased the bag from a boutique or authorized Chanel retailer.

If we learn of anything else on this policy, we will update you.

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Chanel F/W15 Embroidered Mosaic Bag Collection

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No one forgets a Chanel runway experience in Paris, much less one where most of the Grand Palais, a huge exhibition space in the heart of the city (that’s also home to Chanel’s RTW presentations) is transformed in the hands of Karl Lagerfeld. There was a huge ice glacier one season, a giant spinning globe in another, and they even turned the Grand Palais into the chicest Chanel supermarket yet complete with aisle upon aisle of Chanel-branded groceries for the F/W14 season.

For F/W15,  Chanel went for a Parisian icon, the local brasserie, and created one that within the grand halls had waiters serving coffee, counters heaving with freshly baked croissants and glasses of orange juice set against an ornate set, complete with richly panelled wood, leather sitting booths and mosaic-tiled floors.


And in keeping with the tradition of picking elements of the theme that would eventually be translated into clothes, bags, shoes and/or accessories, here’s the first thing from the collection I’ll be covering, these lovely embroidered mosaic bags that have just the right amount of shine. Embroidered by Maison Lesage for Chanel, you’ll find their delicate work on at least 2 Flaps and a Boy Chanel as far as the bags as concerned.

Measuring 20 cm by 12.5 cm for the Flap Bag (they come in Small) and 25 cm by 15 cm for the Boy Chanel, you will definitely be sitting pretty with these beauties casually slung over your chair as you sip on your hot frothy latte. Which just brings me back to the Grand Palais all over again. Oh, the memories. And while I’m daydreaming about you know where, you can now head to your nearest local Chanel and check with your SA about these beauties’ availability and price.


One more thing, actually, make it 3 more things before I go. In keeping with the whole brassiere theme of the collection, there are also 3 bags with the same vibe, comprising the Brassiere Gabrielle Plexiglas Plates Minaudiere (shown above), another featuring a menu but is actually a long leather clutch, and a Flap Bag decorated with miniature forks, knifes and spoons. All so so cute too if you ask me.

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What Fits: Chanel WOC (Wallet On Chain) Bag

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Chanel Wallet On Chain - What FIts?

I remember when I first heard of the Chanel WOC; I also remember it took me a while (maybe longer than I’d like to admit) to figure out “WOC” stood for “Wallet On Chain.”Chanel isn’t the only brand to make a WOC, but it’s arguably the brand most closely associated with the popular style, and much like many other Chanel pieces, the brand does its WOC oh so well.


I know many people who own a Chanel Wallet on Chain and have had many friends ask me if that should be their first Chanel purchase. The next question I’m often asked is if the Chanel WOC is really that great and usable, and the best way to answer that question is to tell you exactly what fits inside of it.


Once you know what fits inside of the relatively petite Chanel WOC, it’s a lot easier to decide if the bag will be a good fit for your lifestyle. What I can tell you is this bag multitasks as a wallet, clutch and small crossbody bag, and it’s come in handy often for me and so many others. If you want to be part of the Chanel WOC fan club, look no further than the PurseForum.


The Chanel WOC measures 4.9″ x 7.5″ x 1.4″. These dimensions appear small, but the bag ends up fitting much more than you expect. There are, of course, plenty of versions; pricing starts at $1,900 for leather. The version I have is the Chanel Stingray WOC, which currently costs $4,000. There is also a slightly smaller size of this bag, 4.5″ x 7.5″ x 1.6″ that offers a removable chain strap and costs $3,400.


Here is what fits in the Chanel WOC:

– iPhone 6+
– Alligator card case from Lambertson Truex
– Louis Vuitton keychain and house key
– Car key
– Fresh Sugar lipgloss in Tulip | $22.50 via Sephora
– Gin Gins (I always have these!!) | $18.40 via Amazon
– Cash
– Credit Cards and other cards

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