Valentino Mostly Moves on From Rockstud Bags for Spring 2017

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Valentino Rockstud Double Handle Bag

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valentino_rockstud-double-handle-bagWhenever I’m at the airport, I have loads of time on my hands, especially once my errands (change-money-check-out-bookstore-shop-at-Hermès) are done. Then I’ll do my next favourite thing, people watching, or more specifically, watching the kinds of bags people are carrying as they make their way to their flights. And one bag I’ve been seeing loads of lately is the Valentino Rockstud Double Handle Bag, with the one in the smallest size (but of course, right?) being the most common.

Valentino’s take on the bag-with-wings style that’s still all the rage now, the 23 cm by 20 cm leather bag comes adorned with studs on the sides and on the sling. And instead of the usual flat leather straps most Valentino’s bags come in, these ones come with stiff rolled leather handles, which are by far more comfortable, and easier on the eyes, standing in place nicely as opposed to the former that just flops over.

Ladies who I’ve observed carrying this bag are also younger, from the blonde in jeans at Malpensa with her Rockstud Double Handle Bag in a bright hue of red, to the Chinese chick at HKIA with her stunner in deep blue with silver studs. Priced atUSD1960 via Valentino online, you could order yourself one via the site which ships internationally and be the next girl I spot the next time I’m boarding a flight.

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Valentino’s New York Capsule Bag collection Featuring Cute Red Hearts

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Valentino just opened their new 5h Avenue store in New York and to celebrate this, they launched a special edition capsule collection featuring clothes and accessories in white printed with cute red heart. They are exclusively available in New York.

Basically the Capsule Collection consists of Valentino’s best sellers like the Garavani tote, the shoulder bag, the studded flats and studded high-heel sandals. The designs are focused on minimalistic, adorned with heart motif that’s painted with the brand’s signature color – red. The heart also symbolizes the love that the fashion house has for the beautiful city New York.

These items are perfect to help you survive the cold winter and they can be bought as a Christmas gift for your loved ones. You can shop them at 5th Avenue Store in NY.


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Valentino Garavani Rouge Absolute Signature Trolley

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If glamorous life is what you seek, then everything needs to be ‘perfect’, even your holidays. At the airport, you got your designer bag on, paired with your best jeans and clothes, perhaps a pair of loubies on the bottom, but then… what about the trolley?

It doesn’t take too much effort to get attraction or to flaunt, or to get ‘all eyes on you’. You can either shout until your voice disappears or ask Valentino for help. You see, Valentino knows how to treat red in the right way – too much and it’s screwed up, too little and you won’t get noticed.

Presenting you the ‘Valentino Garavani Rouge Absolute Signature Cabin Trolley’, don’t fall in love with its name, but fall in love with its elegance. The Rouge Collection is one of Valentino’s secret weapons, its basically all-bags in red, I mean really fierce-red with no holding back.

Made practical double zip around closure, a frontal flat zip pocket and posterior flat pocket. The word ‘Rouge’ is shamelessly signatured all over the trolley, detailed with studs and the lock is finished with platinum. Crafted from nylon, lambskin and red leather trims, measuring 49 x 38 x 21 (H x W x D) cm.



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Valentino never fails to bring its A-game when it comes to the competitive world of fashion. Knowing the rigor and stringent rivalry in the industry, this Italian fashion power house makes sure to provide only the most opulent and a cut above the rest haute couture pieces that women will surely adore. For its Resort 2016 collection, Valentino collaborated with the world-renowned Metis artist Christi Belcourt and the results are beyond sublime and divine.

Belcourt’s artistic works are showcased in the National Gallery of Canada and are dedicated as a tribute to the missing and murdered Indigenous women in Canada. Belcourt’s ‘Water Song’ is the piece of art used by Valentino in creating its Native American inspired Resort 2016 Collection. The said collection is but a representation of traditional Metis artistry and craftmanship with its intricate and arresting beadwork. Aside from the dainty dresses and skirts, the bags from this recent collaboration are also equally beautiful.

This one particular bag from Valentino is but an epitome of Metis artistry with its charming and decorative butterfly, hearts, stars and moon embroidery. A cute handbag to brighten up your monochromatic outfit, this Valentino bag is indeed a masterpiece on its own.

Price ranges from











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Valentino Hawaiian Couture Bag Collection for Spring 2016

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Introducing the Valentino Hawaiian Couture Bag Collection. The Hawaiian Couture Collection includes ready-to-wear items, accessories, shoes and handbags for men and women. The collection features tropical prints like palm trees, ananas, hibiscus, sunsets – inspired by the Hawaiian spirit. The Hawaii-inspired prints are seen on the Lock Flap, minaudière, backpack and clutch bags in vibrant colors.



Valentino Hawaiian Couture Lock Flap Small Bag $2,975.00 (USD)
Valentino Hawaiian Couture Lock Flap Bag $3,295.00 (USD)
Valentino Hawaiian Couture Minaudière Bag $3,295.00 (USD)
Valentino Ananas Hawaiian Couture Minaudière Bag $3,445.00 (USD)
Valentino Hawaiian Couture Medium Rockstud Backpack Bag $2,445.00 (USD)



Valentino Hibiscus Print Hawaiian Couture Waist Satchel Bag $1,195.00 (USD)
Valentino Orchids Print Hawaiian Couture Clutch Bag $1,345.00 (USD)
Valentino Hawaiian Couture Backpack Bag $2,295.00 (USD)
Valentino Tiger Print Hawaiian Couture Backpack Bag $3,075.00 (USD)
Valentino Ananas Print Hawaiian Couture Drawstring Backpack Bag $1,895.00 (USD)

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